Sydney Christmas Tree Farm




We have SOLD OUT of this year's stock and are now CLOSED for any new sales. Customers who have already tagged their tree can collect this Sat/Sun morning - if inconvenient please ring 9450 2027 around 8am or 8pm and arrange a time to collect.

at 'Sydney Christmas Tree Farm'

on the northern outskirts of Sydney

6 Namba Rd

Duffys Forest (off Mona Vale Rd)

9450 2027

Choose your own fresh tree from our farm. Trees are grown and pruned for the Christmas tree market. When large trees run out we can source from elsewhere.

Sydney Christmas Tree Farm
Hours of opening:

Tue / Thu / Fri 4.30pm to 6.00 pm 

Sat / Sun 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Cost guide (note, bushiness and hence price varies from tree to tree): $80 for 5’ tree up to $165 for 8’ tree

Payment by cash or credit card (some debit cards accepted too).

Christmas tree stands also available for purchase from Sydney Christmas Tree Farm. Made of strong plastic by Cinco, with a large water well and 3 screw-in clamps to hold your Christmas tree.

What do you bring with you?

Simply think how you will get the tree home in your car. Is a protective sheet required (old bed sheet, or plastic painting sheet)? Ocky straps? Rope? No saws or axes, as we supply.

Purchases for businesses, pre-schools, other religious periods, Christmas in July, etc outside normal operating hours by arrangement with Ron at Sydney Christmas Tree Farm.

Deliveries within a limited distance may be possible at additional cost, by arrangement with Ron at Sydney Christmas Tree Farm

Tips to help you get your tree home safely and keep your Christmas tree last longer:
  1. During transport, protect your Christmas tree from direct sunlight and the drying effect of wind 
  2. Immediately you arrive home, get your tree into water as soon as possible.  Perhaps, even cut off 1 cm with a pruning saw just before erecting into a bucket or Christmas tree stand with water
  3. Set up your Christmas tree so it is protected from direct sunlight in your home and drying air-conditioning
  4. Check the water in the tree stand or bucket at the base of your Christmas tree frequently, especially in the first few days.  No additive is required.  Take care if you have sand or soil in the bucket, because the bottom can dry out whilst the top still looks moist.

We hope you enjoy your tree from Sydney Christmas Tree Farm!


Sydney Christmas Tree Farm

[formerly Namba Forest]

6 Namba Road
Duffys Forest

(5km out from Terrey Hills
off Mona Vale Road)

Phone: (02) 9450 2027
ABN 55-136-541-496

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at: